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About us

School District No. 92 (Nisga'a)


The Nisga’a School District is situated in the Nass Valley and students are primarily of Nisga’a descent. Our district is unique in that it’s small (approximately 370 students) and students are members of one language and cultural group – the Nisga’a Nation.

Each of our four communities Gingolx, Laxgalts’ap, Gitwinksihlkw and Gitlaxt’aamiks along the Nass River host a community K-7 elementary school with the high school being located in the largest community Gitlaxt’aamiks, as part of a K-12 school.

From the Nass Valley it is an easy drive to a ski hill, numerous hotsprings, many world-class fishing spots and Terrace, a regional centre that includes all regular amenities.



The Nisga'a School District takes pride in preparing our students to become fluent Nisga'a speakers, successful readers and writers and good all-round citizens. The Board's mission of students graduating with dignity, purpose, and opportunities, is something we strive hard to attain. We enjoy small class sizes, a unique rural setting, caring communities, and offer many programs unique to our setting. Our schools are small, energetic, and intimate, and they reflect the welcoming nature of the Nisga'a people and culture.

For more information about the unique Nisga'a Nation and the Nass Valley visit the Nisga'a Lisims Government website.