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From Time Before Memory, The People of Ḵ'amlgiihahlhaahl

By Peter McKay | 21 Jan 2021

From Time Before Memory, The People of Ḵ'amligiihahlhaahl.


"Nisg̱a'a Culture, the way of life of the Nisg̱a'a, is represented in part, as categorized in this book. The Nisg̱a'a way of life is clearly articulated, and those catergories that are applicable to the contemporary Nisg̱a'a, are now being practiced more and more. This usage is vital today, for inherent in most of the Adaawaḵ, and Ayuuḵ are life values which can form the basis for high self-esteem, self-identity, self-reliance and self-determination. 

This resource book is therefore a necessary reference for Nisg̱a'a students, Nisg̱a'a in general and all those who work with Nisg̱a'a students. 

All of the categories represented in this book should be looked upon as opening doors to other areas of Nisg̱a'a culture." Alvin A. McKay


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