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Administrative Appointments for the 2019-2020 School Year

By Sharlene Grandison | 24 Jun 2019

The Board of Education for School District No. 92 (Nisga'a) is pleased to announce the appointments to our Administrative Staff going forward for the 2019/2020 school year.

Welcome Back Mr. Joe Rhodes as Superintendent. Mr. Rhodes has agreed to stay with School District No. 92 (Nisga'a). We are happy with the team approach we are carrying out alongside his Superintendency in School District No. 92. Since coming into our district, we have seen many positive changes and growth in all of our schools, teachers, and staff. We look forward to another year of walking together in the name of our children's best educational journey.

In order to foster a consistent learning partnership with our Superintendent and the schools within School District No. 92, the Board of Education unnanimously voted on a motion to appoint the following administrators from interim to full time.

Nisga'a Elementary Secondary Scool

  • Ms. Jackie Borosa - Principal
  • Mr. Peter McKay - Vice-Principal

Alvin A. McKay Elementary School

  • Ms. Martha Swinn - Principal

The Board of Education has the utmost confidence in these new appointments and looks forward to the future that these school-based administrators will help to shape and create with their teachers and staff for their students.

School District No. 92 (Nisga'a) would like to congratulate Ms. Kory Tanner on her appointment as Secretary Treasurer for the School District. Ms. Tanner has been with the district since September 2016. She came on as our manager for Finance and Human Resources and was appointed Assistant Secretary Treasurer position last year with the intent of her being mentored into the position she has been recently awarded. Ms. Tanner brings with her an extensive background of working within the BC Public School Employees realm and brings her knowledge and experience in a team based approach working alongside the Board of Education.