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By Sharlene Grandison | 01 Sep 2022

Rosetta Doolan
Nisga’a School District No. 92 is pleased to officially welcome Yuuhadaax (Rosetta Doolan) of Ksim Giska'ast from the House of Niisyuus as vice principal at Nathan Barton Elementary School. Rosetta’s Nisga’a name Yuuhadaax means “Taking the Lead”. She received her Nisga'a name from her grandmothers when she started working with youth in 2002. She helped start the Gingolx Rediscovery camps which has allowed many youth to experience camping.

Rosetta has been working in the education and with our school district for 26 years. She started as an education assistant in 1996 and was inspired to become a teacher while working with the students and teachers. Her educational journey began with UBC's NITEP program in Kamloops in 1998 for 3 years, after which she continued working as an EA before returning to complete her teaching degree in 2011 at UBC in Vancouver. In addition to her Bachelor of Education, Rosetta went on to further her knowledge by taking UBC's Diploma in Special Education. Rosetta taught in Lake Babine and Lax kw'alaams before returning to the Nisga’a School District. She has taught Kindergarten to grade 5, as well as working as a K - 12 Learning Support Teacher.

Rosetta lives in Gingolx with her son and husband. Her husband has inspired her to get into gardening and learning to work with plants such as devils club, which she is learning to bring into her classroom. Rosetta is passionate about Nisga'a language and culture and would like to "Nisga'aNize" her daily teachings. Rosetta is currently enrolled in the master’s in educational leadership program at Vancouver Island University. 

Rosetta is dedicated to the learning and growth of students, and we look forward to her contributions to our district leadership team.  


Jessica McKay
Nisga’a School District No. 92 is pleased to welcome Ksim Bilism- Hiihlulw (Jessica McKay) to our district educational leadership team. Jessica comes from Wilps Luuya’as and is Ksim Laxsgiik. Her aunty Sandra wanted my name to be Ksim Bilism- Hiihlulw “Star Riser” because “she rises with the stars to teach.” Jessica is half Nisga’a on her dad’s side, Simoogit Niidixhleen - John Stewart, coming from Gingolx. Her mum, Nox Guween, was of Scottish and English ancestry. Nox Guween was an educator and Jessica’s my role model. Both her mother and grandmother were her influencers to become an educator as she followed in their footsteps. Jessica married into the McKay family in 2019. 

Jessica is starting her 9th year as an educator. In her time as an educator, she’s taught at Nathan Barton Elementary and Alvin A McKay Elementary and substituted at Nisga’a Elementary Secondary; she’s taught grades 1 - 7.  In my 9 years here I’ve taught grades 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. Halfway through completing her Master’s in Education in Counselling from UNBC she took a break to care for her mum as she was battling cancer. After graduating in 2013 from UNBC, Jessica moved home to give back to her community and learn more about her culture and where she came from. Since moving home, Jessica has joined Nisga’a singing and dancing, participated in a big paddle from Gingolx to Bella Bella with the Gathering Strength Canoe family for Quatawas in 2014, and done shorter paddles out of Rupert. She’s learned how to forage the land with my husband, collecting natural medicines and plants. Together they fish our great waters and hunt our lands for moose, bear, and grouse. Jessica has been taught that learning never stops and is excited to continue her learning journey.