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By Kory Tanner | 05 Aug 2022


We are  excited to announce that Paul Mercer Sr is very excited to join Nisga’a School District as Director of Operations. Paul is a former student who graduated in 1981. 


Paul worked one summer for the maintenance dept earning enough for his first car “ole Betsy.” This time around he brings a combination of education, learned skills, practical experience and a commitment to be a good communicator to the role. Much different than the first time where he brought the ability to pick things up and put them down.


Paul is appreciative of the history of the how and why the Nisga’a People formed the Nisga’a School District. He considers it to be an honour to be able to contribute towards keeping that dream of others who envisioned a place for our children to learn alive. 



Martin Percival continues with the School District as our Housing Manager. Martin has been with us in the district for 4 years now. Martin has a vast knowledge of all housing matters and has helped excel renovations and repairs.


We look forward to collaborating with you both. Congratulations!