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July Jollification!

By Nomculelo Nyathi | 23 Jul 2021















Group play activities provide learning experiences for a child that teaches them:

    * To resolve conflicts.
    * To build friendships.
    * To respect others.
    * To communicate their thoughts and feelings.
    * To understand how their input is essential to the successful outcome
       of the group.
    * To develop more positive feelings about others.
    * To develop team -spirit.
    * To work collaboratively, share ideas and take on responsibilities for
       the benefit of the entire team.
    * To learn and study others’ emotions and how they respond in
       different situations.
    * To work in a productive way.
    * To share and take turns which builds and maintain healthy
       relationships even in adulthood.
    * The more a child is around others the more their brain is being
        stimulated as they are constantly exploring others and everything
        around them.