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Talent Show!

By Nomculelo Nyathi | 06 Jun 2021

Talent Show!

I noticed the girls standing in front of the mirror singing and dancing. How about we have a talent show, I suggested. They all liked the idea and agreed.

"We need to decorate!" One child said.

"I'm gonna make tea for the talent show and all the people can drink it!" another one added.

"Who's going to perfom for the talent show? I asked.

"Me!" they all yelled.

"How about we take turns" I suggested

"Okay" they all agreed.

After all was agreed upon, the girls got to work! They each were given paper, glue and decorative pieces. 


They worked quietly and dilligently only stopping to ask for something or admire each other's work.


After they had finished making their individual decorative pieces, we decided to make a sign! The children worked nicely together while putting their own touch on the talent show sign.




The children took turns choosing a musical instrument and perfoming for eachother. At the end of the perfomances we had a dance party to celebrate the children's amazing perfomances!