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District News

Scholarship Announcement

By Rugie-Ann Barrameda | 24 Jul 2020

W’iit’isim t’ooyaksim’hl wilp’s Daaxan ahl gasgoohl wildiit wil ks’axgin’amdiit $10,000 Scholarship ahl School District 92 Nisga’a. Luusanaahla’askwhl wilsim’ ahl k’ubitk’ihl yugwithl siwilaak’insgwit. Si’aamhl wilsim’

School District 92 Nisga’a thanks the house of Daaxan for the very generous gift of $10,000 to go towards a scholarship fund to be determined. These funds were gathered by the family at the settlement feast for the late Perry Azak.

Details of the scholarship will be developed and announced at a later date.

We at School District are truly amazed and very thankful for the generosity of Daaxn’s house.